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Genealogy Connection of Richard L. Soash 

John William Weber, an early traveling minister in Westmoreland Co., PA., who had recorded the births, marriage and deaths of many of the early Sowash family, wrote in the front of his church record book:

        "I am giving this book to be kept by this church forever that the children whom I have baptized and their children's children and all their children might know who they are."

I hope to leave that kind of legacy to future generations.

Sauvage / Sowash / Soash Family  

Descendants of Johannes H Sauvage (Sowash) (b c1698-1761) and his wife Susanna

Son Heinrich/Henry Sowash (c1723-c1799) and wife Maria Esther Schneider

Grandsons Daniel Sowash (c1752-1801) and John Sowash Sr (c1765-1827)

All known descendants


Bullitscheck / Bolerjack / Bolejack Family History

Bullitscheck Family Association Website

Descendants Of Joseph Ferdinand and Maria Charlotta (Haller) Bullitscheck.  Joseph was a Moravian who came to America in 1754 aboard the ship Irene

Burns Family History

Descendants of William Henry Burns (1846-1933)

Green Family History Interactive

Lyman Green pdf

Descendants of Peter and Martha (Singletary) Green, including Lyman Green (1823-1899)

 Hoar Family History

Thomas Hoar pdf

Descendants of Robert and Margaret (Caredise) Hoar, including William Bramwell Hoar (1837-1911)

Kimbrough Family History

Descendants of John and Sarah (Bradley) Kimbrough, including James Wyatt Kimbrough (1858-1935)

LaRue Family History

Descendants of Deborah LaRue, her son Jacob LaRue (1798-c1843) and his son Joseph (1826-1920) and Caroline (Weaver) LaRue

Linch/Lynch Family History

Descendants of John Linch (1810-1886) of Henry Co., IA

Reynolds Family History Interactive

Roger Reynolds

William Reynolds diary 1894-96 transcription pdf

William Reynolds diary 1912-1914 pdf

Descendants of Roger Reynolds (1801-1881)and his probable son William Reynolds (1839-1918)

Ruby Family History Interactive







Descendants of Thomas (1720-1785) and Charity (Marsh) Ruby and their great grandson William Beatty Ruby (1805-1889) and wife Susanna Landis (1808-1835) and his son John Ruby (1834-1911) and wife Elizabeth Hyskell (1837-1920)

Twilley Family History

Descendants of Robert Twilley (c1673-c1721) and his great great grandson Samuel E Twilley (1805-1863) and wife Nancy Russell (1806-1873) and their son Samuel Twilley Jr (1837-1900) and his wife Priscilla Briley (c1838-c1875)

Wells Family History

Blaine Leslie Wells Collected Writings

Unidentified Pictures from the Lyman Green/Lucius Wells families

Descendants of Peter Wells, his son Abner Wells Sr (1763-1833) & wife Deborah Sidwell (1763-1833), their son Abner Wells Jr (1796-1876) and wife Martha Murphy (1798-1881), and their son Lucius Matlock Wells (1824-1912) and wife Louisa Attlesey (1830-1871)


  • Davis Family

  • Ensign Family

  • Griffee Family